ILF Transportation is a woman-owned business founded in 2013 offering expertise in transportation, delivery and logistics services. Recognized in the industry for world-class service, ILF Transportation's reach has expanded to providing Federal services in high demand due to COVID-19, such as remediation, IT services and office administration. Based on a strict code of ethics, our team of professionals efficiently manage our business with the goal to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Inspiring Lives Forever Transportation


ILF Transportation is a leading firm in the industry, providing impeccable customer service for state, government, private sector and small organizations across the transportation landscape. Our experience range varies from single transactions to large projects that require services over a longer period of time.

Founded in Northeast Ohio, ILF Transportation has expanded offices to the vibrant, east coast area surrounding Jacksonville, Florida.


At ILF Transportation, we take pride in offering services that are differentiators in our field. We maintain flexibility and manage our business in real time as to better serve our clients through situational awareness and prompt service. We react quickly to changing demands and strive for personalized customer service far exceeding expectations.

And at our core, we treat our employees like family, ensuring they have the tools and motivation to complete the job on time and within cost.

Our dependable ILF Transportation footprint can be seen throughout the United States.


ILF Transportation is dedicated to following CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe while providing our top services.


We inspire lives forever by providing the most diversified, professional, and trust-worthy transportation service in the industry while expanding our reach around the world.

NaJeebah T. Shareef
ILF Transportation Founder
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

NaJeebah Shareef founded ILF Transportation in 2013 when she identified an urgent need for non-emergency medical transportation services for out-patients. In the past nine years, Ms. Shareef has achieved that goal, and has rapidly grown the business and expanded its service reach beyond personal transportation to include courier and delivery services, as well as logistics. Directly responsible for the company’s strategic plan, mission and vision, Ms. Shareef’s judicious leadership has led to acquiring certifications that continue to move ILF Transportation in an expansive direction.

NaJeebah Shareef