Dependable Courier Services

Convenient, same-day courier and bulk delivery services for medical, legal and other correspondence.

Bulk distribution courier for bulk mail, bulk packages, UPS, USPS, FedEx


Whatever your same-day courier needs require, our transportation experts at ILF Transportation will go the extra mile to provide special handling services. We tailor our range of solutions to ensure optimal delivery, from critical confidential documents to bulk items being couriered to multiple locations on the same day.

Our timely courier standards and expertise in the healthcare industry are well-suited to the needs of hospitals, urgent cares, physician’s offices, and medical insurance companies. We provide guaranteed same-day bulk delivery of multiple packages, wherever they need to go.

ILF Transportation also provides expertise in same-day certified mail delivery services, courier transportation of bulk legal documents, courthouse documents and subpoenas. We understand the importance of guaranteed, timely delivery for all important correspondence.

We offer same-day bulk delivery to area UPS, FedEx, U.S. post office locations, and more.

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