Managing Tactical Logistics

Providing expertise in strategic, logistical transportation chains.



At ILF Transportation, our strategic logistics management skills drive a competitive advantage for whatever your transportation needs may be. Our professionals plan, analyze, direct and evaluate optimal transportation solutions. We have the precision and analysis skills, and expert know-how to move your freight or materials quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Understanding the best modes of ground transportation and consolidating resources from start to finish most productively is ILF Transportation’s core expertise. We can optimize and streamline your supply chain, delivering cargo efficiently, securely and right on schedule. Transportation management is constantly evolving, and ILF Transportation is dedicated to providing superior service at a competitive rate utilizing proficient logistics planning.

Military Logistics
ILF Transportation was founded with a strong tie to our American veterans. With that at our core, transporting military equipment, moving military vehicles from base to base, and offering POC transportation to military personnel when they are transferred is a primary focus of our Logistics Management division, and more.

Multi Vehicle Transport
Our logistical ground transportation services also feature multi vehicle transport, whether across state, or cross-country. Our multi car transport trailers carry vehicles of all sizes.

Freight Distribution
Freight distribution from origin to destination falls under ILF Transportation’s freight logistics expertise. We transport products, such as furniture, from warehouse to retail and anywhere in between.

ILF Transportation also provides tactical logistics services to the construction industry. Our dump trucks are outfitted with hydraulic equipment for hauling material from new construction sites or moving debris during demolition. Our specialized drivers are trained to manage the process from start to finish, safely and efficiently. Loads can be dumped at authorized landfills or material can be moved from one site to another.

Freight and construction tactical transportation logistics